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Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada


Tree: Weedmark Family Tree
Village/Town/City : Latitude: 44.903828, Longitude: -76.0216


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bigford, Albert  10 Dec 1890Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-372118167 Weedmark Family Tree 
2 Bigford, James Wesley  27 Sep 1892Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-372118165 Weedmark Family Tree 
3 Bigford, Robert  21 Jun 1896Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-372118136 Weedmark Family Tree 
4 Conlin, Eliza Jane  Abt 1859Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-524246109 Weedmark Family Tree 
5 Dillabough, Elizabeth  29 Jan 1877Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada  P-78932400 Weedmark Family Tree 
6 Dillabough, Nelson Alfred  19 Sep 1895Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1233627317 Weedmark Family Tree 
7 Dillabough, William Arthur  1893Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada I0775 Weedmark Family Tree 
8 Joynt, Isobella Elizabeth  27 Jun 1889Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-410807160 Weedmark Family Tree 
9 McFadden, William Frederick  1868Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1088821187 Weedmark Family Tree 
10 Murray, Robert John Alden  2 Aug 1905Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-933066956 Weedmark Family Tree 
11 Weedmark, Louisa Jane  8 Sept 1862Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1325112837 Weedmark Family Tree 
12 Weedmark, Margaret Ann Maria  21 Oct 1883Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1325182042 Weedmark Family Tree 
13 Whan, Cora May  25 Aug 1888Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1226800707 Weedmark Family Tree 
14 Whan, Dora P.  Abt 1887Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada I0639 Weedmark Family Tree 
15 Wride, Clifford Bawden  1917Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1160909880 Weedmark Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Condie, Malcom  9 Oct 1878Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1344760223 Weedmark Family Tree 
2 Flood, Patricia  Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-737023766 Weedmark Family Tree 
3 Hamilton, Jennie  28 Feb 1887Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1111052249 Weedmark Family Tree 
4 Hutton, Nada Jean  8 May 1925Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1264813609 Weedmark Family Tree 
5 Whan, Cora May  1959Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1226800707 Weedmark Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Weedmark, Roena Hannah  1868Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1274650456 Weedmark Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Evoy, Wilbert G.  1995 - 2002Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-805415370 Weedmark Family Tree 
2 Lewis, James Oakley  19 Nov 1915Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1034039569 Weedmark Family Tree 
3 Tompkins, Walter Blaine  Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1199816219 Weedmark Family Tree 
4 Weedmark, Richard Allan  1906Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada P-1325182047 Weedmark Family Tree 

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