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Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A.


Tree: Weedmark Family Tree
Village/Town/City : Latitude: 43.843793, Longitude: -85.442998


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kinney, Mercy Almira  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-1300486127 Weedmark Family Tree 
2 LaFrance, David Daniel  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0977 Weedmark Family Tree 
3 LaFrance, George  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0976 Weedmark Family Tree 
4 LaFrance, Hannah J.  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0979 Weedmark Family Tree 
5 LaFrance, Henry  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0975 Weedmark Family Tree 
6 LaFrance, James  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0973 Weedmark Family Tree 
7 LaFrance, James  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0973 Weedmark Family Tree 
8 LaFrance, Joseph  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0336 Weedmark Family Tree 
9 LaFrance, Joseph  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-606071634 Weedmark Family Tree 
10 LaFrance, Mary L.  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0978 Weedmark Family Tree 
11 LaFrance, William J.  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0974 Weedmark Family Tree 
12 Miller, Charlotte Elizabeth  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. I0337 Weedmark Family Tree 
13 Shank, Nicholas Bower  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-488693911 Weedmark Family Tree 
14 Weedmark, Edward  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-488813678 Weedmark Family Tree 
15 Weedmark, Heman F.  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-434433829 Weedmark Family Tree 
16 Weedmark, Nathan  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-1346611529 Weedmark Family Tree 
17 Weedmark, Phoebe Emma  1880Hersey, Osceola, Michigan, U.S.A. P-917185961 Weedmark Family Tree 

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