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Matches 1 to 50 of 1,323 for Tree equals Weedmark Family Tree

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   Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Tree 
1 F1213
    Weedmark Family Tree 
2 F1325
    Weedmark Family Tree 
3 F1469
 Malone, Helen   Weedmark Family Tree 
4 F1471
 Doyle, Darlene   Weedmark Family Tree 
5 F1476
    Weedmark Family Tree 
6 F1478
    Weedmark Family Tree 
7 F1480
 McVean, Mary   Weedmark Family Tree 
8 F1484
 Schackel, Frances   Weedmark Family Tree 
9 F1485
 Barber, Ellen   Weedmark Family Tree 
10 F1491
 Burrowes, Ann   Weedmark Family Tree 
11 F1499
 Sawyer, Martha C.   Weedmark Family Tree 
12 F1501
 Malone, Ellen A.   Weedmark Family Tree 
13 F1502
 Haskin, Bessie Margeurite   Weedmark Family Tree 
14 F1503
 Halfpenny, Ida M.   Weedmark Family Tree 
15 F1504
 Walker, Mary   Weedmark Family Tree 
16 F1596
    Weedmark Family Tree 
17 F516
 Walsh, Sarah J. "Sadie"   Weedmark Family Tree 
18 F1592
  4 Jul 1939  Weedmark Family Tree 
19 F1025
Unknown Fitzgerald, Mary Elizabeth   Weedmark Family Tree 
20 F1397
Unknown Weedmark, Robyn   Weedmark Family Tree 
21 F230
Unknown Weedmark, Ruby Pearl   Weedmark Family Tree 
22 F1442
William Cooper Johnson, Annabel Maude 17 Apr 1924 York, Ontario, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
23 F274
Abbey, David Stephen John McGonegal, Ruby Jean Minerva 17 Dec 1923 York County, Ontario, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
24 F618
Abbey, John Henry McGinnis, Lyda Pearl 19 Jul 1918 York County, Ontario, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
25 F548
Abbey, John William McKenna, Norah 17 Sep 1884 Toronto, Ontario, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
26 F936
Abercrombie, James Adams, Isabella   Weedmark Family Tree 
27 F500
Acheson, Fred Weedmark, Rosalyn Wilma   Weedmark Family Tree 
28 F978
Adrian, David Burrows, Elizabeth   Weedmark Family Tree 
29 F1252
Agnew, Peter Samplant, Mary   Weedmark Family Tree 
30 F1555
Ainsworth, Gordon Ivason Condie, Elva Florence   Weedmark Family Tree 
31 F1567
Albers, JŁergen Weedmark, Karen 2010  Weedmark Family Tree 
32 F1543
Aldrich, Willard E. Francis M. Greenman   Weedmark Family Tree 
33 F181
Alexander, David Joseph Meagher, Ellen Theresa 19 Feb 1955 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
34 F250
Alexander, Desire Halbot, Pauline   Weedmark Family Tree 
35 F196
Alexander, James Albert O'Quinn, Theresa   Weedmark Family Tree 
36 F248
Alexander, Leo Rioux, Annabelle 16 Jul 1930 St. George's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
37 F247
Alexander, Pierre (Peter) Ryan, Bridget Margaret 11 Nov 1885 Sandy Point, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada  Weedmark Family Tree 
38 F249
Alexandre, Desire Jesseau, Genevieve Abt 1841  Weedmark Family Tree 
39 F251
Alexandre, Jean-Marie L'Official, Annette   Weedmark Family Tree 
40 F138
Allan, James Boyd, Mary  Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, United Kingdom  Weedmark Family Tree 
41 F199
Allan, John Cook, Mary 1726  Weedmark Family Tree 
42 F338
Aloan, Charles Edison Thurston, Alma   Weedmark Family Tree 
43 F337
Aloan, Daniel Weedmark, Amelia Ann   Weedmark Family Tree 
44 F339
Aloan, William James Unknown, Ruby   Weedmark Family Tree 
45 F1038
Amariucai, Valeriu Weedmark, Hilary   Weedmark Family Tree 
46 F1494
Amesse, Augustin    Weedmark Family Tree 
47 F264
Amesse, Celestin Roleau, Louise   Weedmark Family Tree 
48 F1311
Anderson, Arthur Duane, Mabelle Emma   Weedmark Family Tree 
49 F425
Anderson, Charles William Weidmark, Laura Jean   Weedmark Family Tree 
50 F632
Anderson, Donald Arthur Weedmark, Charlotte Winnifred   Weedmark Family Tree 

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